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The Biggest Innovations in Commercial Cleaning We're Excited By

Providing a full range of cleaning services, from managed packages to one-off cleans, we are always looking for tools and efficiency improvements to help our dedicated team of over 1000 cleaning operatives.

Steam cleaning, machine polishers and jet washers have already led to improvements in quality, so what else is in store for commercial cleaning.

We've rounded up some of the biggest innovations in commercial cleaning that we are looking forward too.

The Dust Ball

First visualised back in 2010 by designer Dave Hakkens, the Dust Ball features a motor to rotate the ball which doubles as a vacuum to collect dust and dirt as it makes its journey around the office.

Just like some of the robot vacuums we see today, once its full or needs charging, the Dust Ball returns to base and turns into a soft lamp.

Window Cleaning Drones

When used correctly, Drones are handy tools. While not future technology, because it's already here, USA based Aerones uses the tech to maintain wind turbines and clean windows.

Back in 2018, the company revealed drones taking on the job of cleaning high rise windows.


Water and power is delivered via a cord to the controller on the ground, in addition to a safety rope attached to the top of the building.

The drone can clean vertical or horizontal, removing some of the previous efficiency barriers when cleaning windows.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

AIM Commercial Cleaning is built on six important values, with one of them being:

"Minimise our impact on the environment - we consider 'what we do' and 'how we do it' measuring the impact of our service delivery, making decisions and choices that reflect our environmental goals."


We actively monitor and innovate to reduce our impact on local environments and the world.

We do it so well that since 2016 we have been Carbon Smart Silver Certified

The recent coverage and understanding of how plastics and pollution is affecting our world means innovations in green products are increasing, and we are so excited to see and invest in what comes from it.

For example, recently on one contract, we introduced a range of products that eliminate the use of plastic pails and their adverse effects on landfill meaning that our client has reduced their waste of single-use plastic by up to 83%!

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