When you choose AIM Commercial Cleaning as a service partner we bring expertise and experience as standard

We’re corporate members of the British Institute of Cleaning Services, we are backed by industry recognised accreditation for quality management, health and safety and environmental disciplines so you can be confident that your services are in capable hands.

We understand that every client is different and we see our clients as individuals. We do not offer a one size fits all approach, and whilst we can provide an estimate on costs, we will not offer a service solution over the phone or purely based on hours. Our experience tells us that this approach is not sustainable and will not benefit both parties.

We therefore take the time to ensure that a bespoke package is built that balances client requirements against budget and ensures that the expectation on delivery is understood right from the start.

We Care for People - We are Passionate about what we do - We are Motivated to be the Best - That's why we are different!

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Our Values


Provide excellent customer service

we provide dedicated support team members to every client, this ensures that there is always a friendly adviser on hand who understands your business

Look after the cornerstone of AIM

we believe that if we train, motivate and care for our staff, in turn they will go above and beyond in caring for our clients

Innovate without impacting quality

along with new technology we encourage our staff to think outside the box, a different perspective or fresh approach can improve quality and efficiency

Minimise our impact on the environment

we consider ‘what we do’ and ‘how we do it’ measuring the impact of our service delivery, making decisions and choices that reflect our environmental goals

Build long-term partnerships

we view this as an important investment allowing us to anticipate your requirements, and offer innovative, cost effective, long term solutions to add value and improve service delivery

Lead by example & encourage others

our dedicated team share our values, we invite you to meet them!

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