Industrial & Manufacturing

Understanding the challenges presented

Industrial cleaning varies, from specialist drug and medicine manufacturing or electronic component assembly within clean rooms to heavy plant, equipment and machinery manufacturing right through to food processing plants

All of these require a very different approach and you need a contractor who understands the challenges presented by your environment.

Whether it is a time-critical deep clean delivered around your assembly line to ensure that it is back up and running to meet your demanding schedules, or a specialist hygiene clean carried out within a clean room or confined space, our specialist teams are trained to cope with this as well as the daily cleaning of factory floors, toilets, canteens and offices.

AIM Commercial Cleaning pay close attention to health and safety in these high-risk environments. A safety-first approach is essential to protect staff and visitors. You can be reassured that we will work, train and operate in line with health and safety guidelines and legislation and we will tailor any operation in line with your own strict operating processes and requirements.

Our Values


Provide excellent customer service

we provide dedicated support team members to every client, this ensures that there is always a friendly adviser on hand who understands your business

Look after the cornerstone of AIM

we believe that if we train, motivate and care for our staff, in turn they will go above and beyond in caring for our clients

Innovate without impacting quality

along with new technology we encourage our staff to think outside the box, a different perspective or fresh approach can improve quality and efficiency

Minimise our impact on the environment

we consider ‘what we do’ and ‘how we do it’ measuring the impact of our service delivery, making decisions and choices that reflect our environmental goals

Build long-term partnerships

we view this as an important investment allowing us to anticipate your requirements, and offer innovative, cost effective, long term solutions to add value and improve service delivery

Lead by example & encourage others

our dedicated team share our values, we invite you to meet them!

Meet the team

..we will tailor any operation in line with your own strict operating processes and requirements..

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