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The Importance of Keeping the Office Washroom Clean

Clean Office Washroom

One of the essential parts of an office is the bathroom. 

Unfortunately, this common area can get dirty (and smelly) quickly - especially if not cleaned regularly. You have to clean it consistently. Keeping the washroom spick and span is a job not all want to try due to the nature of the work and how tedious it can be. More than that, more goes into handling waste besides throwing out the rubbish and scrubbing urinals. 

But bathroom cleanliness is essential to maintain a beautiful, sanitary office. 

Not only that, as unclean toilets and washrooms lower productivity levels, increase the chance of illnesses and if unfortunate pests, and put off employees and clients alike. 

This is why it is vital to clean office washrooms at least once a day. 

Are you interested in learning more about washroom sanitation? 

Here's everything you need to know. Keep reading below!

Looking for a comprehensive cleaning service for your corporate office? Give us a call at AIM cleaning for more information about how you can keep your business sanitary and virus-free. 

The importance of a clean washroom 


No germs, bacteria, or viruses 

It seems intuitive at this point, but washrooms should be cleaned regularly to get rid of germs, bacteria and other viruses. Besides causing health problems for employees, dirty washrooms can be a haven for pests and unwanted bugs in the workplace. 

This is why the correct cleaning equipment and solutions should be used to effectively clean. And we don’t mean just alcohol! 


Encourage employees to work harder 

When your employees are comfortable and happy, the business grows. 

What does that have to do with washrooms? 

One of the main factors for employee satisfaction are clean toilets. They experience less stress, and their mental health benefits from having a clean environment. 

On the flip side, the dirtier a washroom is, the lower the morale of your employees. How so? 

When employees are uncomfortable taking toilet breaks, they keep themselves away and creates health troubles for them. 

Experts recommend cleaning each toilet every 2 hours for high traffic corporate offices. You can also take it a step further by adding a great ambience, soap for handwashing, dyers, tissues, and loads of trash bins to create an even better working environment. 

As a result, you get happy employees and little amounts of sick leaves due to illnesses caused by dirty washrooms! 


It attracts clients 

Many businesses are client-facing and have toilets for customer use. So it's only fitting that a company gives its best in that particular area.

Washrooms reflect how your business values them as a customer. So a filthy washroom can translate as, "We don't value your business". Meanwhile, a clean washroom lets your clients know that you care about their health and well-being by providing them with spotless toilets. 

Keeping washrooms clean when hundreds or even thousands of clients come through each day. To ease this burden AIM Cleaning provides your business with the cleaning services for heavy-traffic washrooms. Call us today to learn more! 


There is more to cleaning washrooms than you think 

Washrooms aren't only composed of toilets and sinks. Here are some unnoticeable services that your office should get serviced: 

  • Feminine hygiene disposal systems 
  • Automatic WC and urinal maintenance 
  • Water management 
  • Toilet seat sanitisers 
  • Soap dispensers 
  • Warm air hand dryers 
  • Air care 
  • Nappy disposal units 
  • Clinical waste removal 
  • Sharp removal units 
  • Dual and multi-product vending 
  • Textile services 
  • Linen service 
  • Towel service 


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