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How to Clean A Window: Window Cleaning 101

You probably don't clean your windows as often as you should.

It can be time-consuming, dangerous, and difficult to clean windows streak-free in a timely manner. The most common at-home window cleaning tricks use vinegar, ammonia, or Windex along with paper towels, newspapers, or even a baby diaper.

Many people get simple chores wrong, even the simplest ones. A good example is cleaning windows. Although windows may seem simple to clean, even the most experienced spring cleaner can benefit from a refresher course on the subject.

Regardless of how bright the sun is, your windows may not let in the maximum amount of light if they are covered in dirt, dust, splattered bugs, or water spots. Cleaning windows is at the top of our spring cleaning list, and it should be on yours, too, as the days grow longer and the outdoors become lusher.

Fortunately, the process of cleaning windows is fairly straightforward, especially with you have an expert on your side. Give AIM Cleaning a call to learn more!

How to Clean Windows Naturally

Keep a large bath towel underneath the window to soak up any spills.

Start from the top of the window and work your way to the bottom with a clean microfiber cloth or sponge. Make sure you wipe down both the inside and outside of the frame.

You can also use a commercial window cleaning product (such as Zep or Windex). Another option is mixing one capful of ammonia with two gallons of water.

Dry the window completely by using a clean, lint-free towel (or black-and-white newspaper pages). Alternatively, you can dry the windows with clean paper towels if that is your preference.

Spray and dry again if dirt or streaks remain. (Drying and spraying dirty windows typically takes two rounds.)

It is best to work on a cool, cloudy day to prevent the soapy water and window-cleaning solution from drying on the windows.


Cleaning Windows from the Outside

Typically, outside windows have more dirt and stains. First, rinse the windows with the hose, then fill a bucket with cool, clean water and add liquid dish soap.Go over the surface of the window with a soft microfiber cloth. The best way to clean higher windows is with a sponge mop (or a soft cotton or microfiber mop).

Rinse thoroughly with the hose.

Using a vinegar and water solution, spray or mop the floor.

Squeegee the window dry with a rubber blade. From top to bottom, angle the squeegee towards the bottom of the window. At the end of each pass, wipe the squeegee with a clean, dry towel. You can also dry the windows with clean, lint-free towels or newspaper pages.

Saturate thoroughly with vinegar and water to remove stubborn dirt and stains, including bird droppings, and let stand for several minutes before drying. If that doesn't work, try rubbing with a soft "scrubbie" sponge. Do not scrub with steel wool or scrubbing cloths that will scratch the glass.

Don't forget to clean the window screens. After rinsing with plain water, spray with vinegar and water solution, and then rinse again. Replace window screens after letting them dry thoroughly.

In areas with hard water, windows may be stained with mineral deposits. When it comes to cleaning windows that have mineral deposits, you can use several methods, but a commercial cleaner may be the best. CLR, for example, removes calcium, lime, and rust stains; simply follow the manufacturer's directions.

Even though cleaning windows can be a nuisance, it's worth it to be able to enjoy unobstructed views... and let the sun in!


Clean commercial windows

Sometimes, doing it yourself just doesn't cut it, especially when dealing with commercial establishments.

AIM Commercial Cleaning has the experience and expertise to deliver any service you need, ranging from daily shop front cleans at retail units right through to full building internal and external cleans that require specialist access equipment or abseiling.

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