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We have been inspired!

Throughout 2019, at AIM, we have been thinking about our commitment to sustainability and we thought we would share what we have been doing….


Every year as many of our clients, partners, suppliers and staff know we have bespoke diaries and notebooks produced, that are then gifted. Whilst well received by everyone, these do not necessarily align with our values around the environment and sustainability. Rather than scrap these, this year our procurement team made a conscious effort to find an alternative and you may have noted that we came up with a new product our AIM ‘appeel’ notebooks that were completely manufactured from recycled apple peel – being 100% sustainable.


We also found an innovative alternative to disposable pens made from recycled water bottles aptly named the B2P - Bottle 2 Pen that we now use ourselves and gift.


We looked at means of travel and decided to begin ‘electrifying our fleet’ where feasible and we now run 3 electric vehicles, 2 PHEV’s and 2 hybrids as part of our regular fleet. To complement these, we installed 4 EV chargers at our head office in Belvedere Kent. Going forward we have committed to reducing C02 and harmful emissions and so are phasing out Diesel vehicles during our next fleet change and will be replacing these with petrol hybrids.  


We have our Carbon Footprint measured each year and then have our activities audited externally by Carbon Smart, in 2019 we are pleased to have been awarded the Gold Award for our efforts in reducing our emissions over the past 3 years, along with our initiatives and commitments for the future.


We considered ways that we could start to help offset the Carbon Footprint that is created in our business activities, performed on behalf of our clients. Whilst reducing is great, what could be better than helping to replace & replenish the very living things that enable us to breath and live. So we have decided to begin planting our very own AIMazon forest and have funded the planting of 1,321 trees with the Charity treesisters. Each tree represents every one of our employees here at AIM, working hard on our client’s sites. We can’t wait to share the growth stories with you and will commit to continue planting a tree for every employee annually for the next 5 years, as a minimum. To find out more information and get involved click here.


So, thank you again for your business and inspiration and we look forward to working with you in 2020.


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