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Top Tips To Keep A Large Office Clean and Sanitary

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A clean office is great, but a sanitised one is even better...


Sicknesses and viruses are ever-present, even more so in recent times, so it is essential you protect the safety of employees and clients alike. One of the best ways to do this is to take the necessary steps to sanitise the office space.

Keeping an office tidy is, of course, easier said than done. Many are able to keep their spaces clean for a week, then it’s easy for it to become a lower priority as the office gets busier and busier.

If you're struggling to maintain a clean office environment, here are some of the best ways to keep a sanitary office - straight from the experts themselves!


4 ways to maintain a clean and germ-free office


Be equipped!

Before creating a comprehensive cleaning schedule for the office to follow, be sure to have basic cleaning supplies for the different areas of your space.

Although there is a general list of equipment and supplies that you should have such as a vacuum cleaner, surface cleaners, and washroom cleaning products, step up your cleaning game by surveying your entire office and purchase equipment that can help clean that particular area better and faster.

Does your office have large windows? Get a glass cleaning kit. 

Are your floors mainly carpeted? Investing in a battery-operated vacuum could be more efficient.


Encourage your employees to clean their space

Incentivise your employees to clean their own space by providing them with the equipment to do so. Designate a day and a time for your employees to have the opportunity to clean their tables and items daily. A simple way of encouraging this is by providing sanitising wipes.

In this way, there is a shared understanding that no matter how busy business gets, there is a particular time of day that your employees can take to clean.

Reduce stressors in the workplace

It may seem like a logical disconnect, but many employees have trouble keeping up with cleaning when they’re stressed. The clutter builds up and causes even more stress. You now have an unhealthy cycle of stress and dirty spaces on your hands.

It’s not necessarily anybody’s fault, - but an indicator of a blooming business.

So as an employer/manager, be sure to keep those deadlines fair and the workload reasonable to end the cycle.


Hire professional cleaning services

There are just some corners and parts of your office that simply can't be cleaned without the help of a professional commercial cleaning business - no matter how hard you scrub.

For a quick and long-term fix to keep your workspace clean and, more importantly, sanitised,
hire a professional cleaning service company. They can provide deep cleaning, regular cleaning, and even specialised cleaning services, so you don't have to worry about getting overwhelmed by the mess in the office anymore.


Create a healthy and hygienic workplace with AIM Cleaning

We understand how busy you are running your business to stop for general and deep cleaning. This is why AIM Cleaning does the work for you!

For over 40 years, we have been equipping offices with professional cleaning services across the UK. More than sanitation, we have been investing in sustainable cleaning solutions for any space to keep up with the growing demand for green initiatives.

Let us tell you more about what we can bring to your office by getting in touch with us at AIM Cleaning today!

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