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Preparing for Post Lockdown Cleaning

Dealing with the outbreak of COVID-19 has presented a huge challenge over the last few months not only to this country but the entire world, and we are saddened that many people have lost their lives to this horrible virus. We are also thankful to all the brave individuals that have acted as heroes (key workers) during this time and shown amazing courage and determination.


Here at AIM we have been following government guidelines closely while still supporting our Clients that needed to remain open and by providing important cleaning services and products to help control the spread of the infection. Since March 2020 we have been keeping our staff levels to a minimum and working from home where possible enabling us to support these essential services meaning that over 80% of our workforce have been furloughed.


However, we want to reassure our Clients and Employees that we are busy working hard to prepare our post lockdown cleaning protocols which will ensure that you (and your premises) are protected and remain safe when you return to work. Once finalised the procedures will be communicated in various forms including telephone, text, social media, posters, employee portal (Target) and here on the website.


Until then, please take care and we look forward to seeing you all soon.


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