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It’s Employee Appreciation Day!

Today is Employee Appreciation Day and it’s a perfect opportunity for us to say ‘thank you’ to all of you for working so hard and making Target a great place to work. Of course, we appreciate your efforts all year-round, but it’s a great reminder to say thanks for all that you do and to recognise each other too. 

Being thankful is shown to make us more positive, more resilient and improve our relationships too. People who regularly take time to notice and note the things they're thankful for, experience more positive emotions, sleep better, and express more compassion and kindness towards others. 

It’s easy to send recognition to a colleague with our eCards on Target. It only takes a couple of minutes, but could make someone’s whole day brighter! 

Here are just some of the reasons you might want to say thank you to a colleague: 

  • For helping you with a project, or work that you needed support with. 
  • For making you laugh or brightening up your day with silly jokes or for just checking how you are. 
  • For listening to you when you shared a personal problem or how you have been feeling recently. 
  • For not making you join any more zoom quizzes (I think we’re all grateful about that one!). 
  • For being understanding or supportive while you juggle work meetings with teaching the kids long division (can’t we just give them a calculator?). 
  • For doing their absolute best over the last year despite caring for someone/ home-schooling/ working with loud housemates (fill in the blank). 
  • For going above and beyond at work. 
  • For any reason really...everyone deserves some appreciation after the last year.



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