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AIM were happy to assist the Chamber to Clean City Chairman’s Award


London Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the largest membership organisation in the capital and is widely recognised as the voice of business large and small in London.

AIM Commercial Cleaning has worked in close partnership with the Chamber since 1998 delivering a fully managed package including daily cleaning, window cleaning, periodic cleaning, consumable supply and a flexible daytime janitor service.


As part of our partnership regular contract meetings are carried out with the Facilities Management Team where the services provided are discussed.  It was at one of these meetings that the Chamber expressed their desire to enter the ‘Clean City Awards’ and discussed how AIM potentially could help them.


AIM enthusiastically took up the challenge and worked closely with the Facilities Team to implement many innovations.


We are happy to report that from the initial entry, year on year the Chamber made steady progress until they reached the pinnacle when they were awarded the highest honour ‘The Chairman’s Cup’ in 2011 and followed this up in 2012/13 by achieving Platinum status.

Well done to all involved!

It is our goal to continue delivering the highest standards and bring added value to our client to further strengthen and develop our existing partnership with London Chamber of Commerce.


Innovations Used

Recycling system:

A simple recycling system was implemented across all areas of the business with the goal of recycling as much waste as possible and so central recycling points were set up for mixed recycling and wet waste. The next step was to communicate and retrain the cleaning team and the Chamber staff to the new system, then on an agreed date we attended site and removed all desk bins. A clear monitoring and reporting system for all waste stream was then set up and is managed by the AIM Cleaning Supervisor who provides monthly reports to the FM Team on site.

The result: a huge increase in the recycling levels achieved by the Chamber and a reduced cost for the disposal of waste.

Consumable reduction:

The consumables used on site were reviewed with the client with particularly attention being paid to paper products. Upon reviewing all options we found that significant reductions could be made on consumables usage by changing the system in place and installing efficient hand driers. After searching the market we agreed that we would replace the hand driers with the most efficient available and the cost of installing these would be covered by the saving in hand towels and laundry costs. Then the most efficient paper dispensers were installed dramatically cutting the amount of paper and waste paper produced on site. The final step was to review the supply chain for all consumables and we presented recycled and environmentally sustainable alternatives to the client which were then used.

The result: a significant reduction in the amount of paper used on site and if paper products are used these are now made from recycled materials. Plus overall a cost reduction was achieved for the client.

Cleaning Products:

It was agreed to look at the cleaning processes and what products we were using. We found that the products actually used in the cleaning process although seen as environmentally friendly carrying the necessary green accreditation, were not the ‘greenest’ option available. We agreed to approach different manufacturers and source what we believed was the best available option at the time. This resulted in a complete change of service delivery on site and retraining of the staff. However things moved on, and when newer ‘greener’ products came to market we agreed to look at what we were using again with client which resulted in us running a trial for ‘enzyme’ based cleaning solutions which were previously not effective. The trial was a success and it was agreed that we would role this out across the contract.

The result: We believe we are using the safest, greenest solution available in the market place, the FM Team are overjoyed with the results, and the performance audit scores in particularly troublesome areas in the past have improved over time and use. The change to green solutions has enabled us to hold some of the cost increases that have affected the industry due to the rise in costs of raw materials.

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