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John Bell & Croyden

  •  5 Years
  •  Pharmaceutical/Health
  •  Oxford Street, London W1



Introduction to Client

John Bell & Croyden can trace its history to 1798 when John Bell opened the original pharmacy on Oxford Street, London. John Bell & Croyden, Lloyds Pharmacy and wholesaler AAH collaborate today as McKesson UK.

John Bell & Croyden are proud to hold the Royal Warrant as Pharmacists to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and have held this accreditation since 1958. The Royal Warrant has also been held for King George V and The Queen Mother previously.

The current store is a combination of high-quality retail, health and beauty services departments, online doctors’ surgery and the head office all combined within one building.


Services Provided

AIM Commercial Cleaning has worked in partnership with John Bell & Croyden since 2017 delivering a fully managed package including daily cleaning, periodic specialist cleaning, and high-level cleaning.



The incumbent had held the contract for some time and a lack of reliable management for the contract was missing. This in turn created a nonchalant attitude by the cleaning team for the client that needed to be remedied.

The 7 day a week service lacked good management at the weekends when team members worked without supervision and standards were visibly lower.

The contract held by the incumbent tied the client to an annual get out clause and this caused more dissatisfaction for the client that needed to be managed.



During the first few weeks’ AIM implemented changes to the cleaning regime including bringing all staff to start work at the same time which would help raise productivity levels, and cleaning rotas were introduced making the teamwork closer together to produce a much higher quality outcome.

Our Local Service Manager was present every morning to support the team, with senior management supporting each week with site visits and supervisors were supported at weekends

COVID-19 Pandemic

Whilst most retail stores closed during the recent pandemic, John Bell & Croyden were open throughout due to the vital services they provide. AIM have been able to support throughout, from the first difficult stages of lockdown and into this year where footfall has begun to increase due to the opening of other sectors but also where a more pro-active service is needed more than ever before.

Our cleaning services were maintained 7 days a week and all areas were sanitised daily to comply with our rigorous COVID cleaning workplace guide that was designed specifically for our clients. This involved all team members being retrained to utilise new products that they may have had limited knowledge of previously but that are now readily used and available.

Our purchasing department worked alongside the John Bell & Croyden FM team to ensure all products required, were procured successfully and provided as a priority due to the services they were supplying during an unprecedented time. This proved to be very challenging due to the national shortages of certain items but with long standing relationships with our suppliers, we were able to source all that was required.

Benefits of the AIM Approach

  • Visibility of supply chain management
  • Cost and quality control
  • Availability of management teams including senior levels
  • Reliable, stable team created for the client, engendering loyalty, and pride in the daily cleaning service
  • Retention of client for a further 3 years until 2024!

Client Comments – Operations Director

“John Bell and Croyden are Pharmacists to her Majesty the Queen, located in Wigmore Street, Central London and we have been using AIM Commercial Cleaning for over 5 years now. As a pharmacy, retail space and with our head office located all in the same building, we have a varied requirement as far as the cleaning services needed every day. AIM have always delivered the highest standard of service with a friendly and loyal team. Thank you AIM"

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